Spring 2019

Hand in Hand

Separated from her family, Ruthi struggles to find hope in this universal story of loss and love, by holding tight to a childhood promise.

Shimri's Big Idea

The people of ancient Jerusalem must walk far to get their water. Shimri is too young to help in the fields. But by watching his family at home, he solves a problem that baffles a king - proving that big ideas can indeed come from small mouths.

Wait! It's Friday

Today is Friday. On Fridays, I wait... and wait... and wait. 
A young child waits for something special as he plays with the cat, makes challah with Daddy, paints a picture with Nana, and takes a trip to the grocery story. Finally, the waiting is over. It's Shabbat!

The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti

Someday, Lena hopes to be a world-famous detective. But in the meantime, she s working on The Case of the Mysterious Rabbi! It s a tricky one. The rabbi seems to be everywhere. With her loyal dog at her side, Lena investigates Rabbi Max as he teaches Torah, builds a sukkah, bakes some challah, and of course...slurps spaghetti! How can one person do so many different things in so many different places? Can Lena crack the case?

Creation Colors

In the beginning, there was nothing. No colors at all.

Day by day by day, God poured and planted and created the colors of the world.

God said, "This is very good."

And it was.