Spring 2018

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Roller-Coaster Grandma: The Amazing Story of Dr. Ruth Westheimer

A graphic novel of resilience, grit and strength. 

Many know Dr. Ruth Westheimer as the pioneering radio and television therapist whose humor and warmth entertained and educated thousands of listeners. But how did Dr. Ruth come to be Dr. Ruth? 

It's quite a journey! It starts with an eleven year old Karola Ruth Seigel escaping the Nazis aboard a Kindertransport. After the war, she travels from Europe to Israel, joins the Hagganah and becomes a sniper. She immigrates to America, and lives the American dream, starting as a maid, and becoming a college professor, and eventually a television star. Dr. Ruth's story is the stuff legends are made of!

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In the beginning, there was emptiness,
like a blank canvas.
Then, in a swirl of motion, the world was created.

It was going to be finished with a special kind of light, stored in a huge jar. 
But the light was so powerful it shattered the jar into millions of pieces. People were created to find the sparks of light and bring them back together so that the world would be perfect.





We Are Jewish Faces

Debra Darvick’s delightful picture book mirrors today’s emerging Jewish reality; a Jewish face is dark-haired and dark-eyed and blonde and blue-eyed. A Jewish face belongs to a Chinese adoptee and to a newborn from Guatamala. It is the face of an African American convert and that of a festively dressed bride from India.

We Are Jewish Faces sings the long overdue song of Jewish diversity with passion, honesty, and celebration.



French Toast Sundays

When Mina s beloved Grandma dies, nothing feels right anymore.

People come to visit. Mina just hides up in the big old oak tree. But the stories she hears about Grandma bring her slowly back down 
until at last Mina feels ready to smile again.