The Littlest Pair

The Littlest Pair

By Sylvia Rouss

Illustrated Holly Hannon


Paperback; 30pp $9.95




The animals on Noah’s Ark watch a pair of termites - the "littlest pair“ - come aboard with absolute dismay. 

None of them want the wood-eating ants to stay, afraid that they will munch their Ark to pieces. But Noah insists, and as the rains begin, panic ensues for quite a different reason: the animals start to slip and slide all over the place! The little termites save the day, and Noah reminds the animals that no matter how different we are, we must all learn to get along, and each of us has something to contribute to others. 

About the Authors

Sylvia Rouss is an award-winning author and early childhood educator who created the popular Sammy Spider books and the Littlest series.  She has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel. 

Holly Hannon has illustrated over 25 children's books. She is known for her attention to detail and passion for color and technique.

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