Jackie and Jesse and Joni and Jae

Written by Chris Barash
Illustrated by Christine Battuz
Ages 4-6, 24pp, 10 x 8
978-1-68115-550-0, $17.95

Jackie and Jesse and Joni and Jae
walked down to the river one fine autumn day. 
Neighbors and friends and the rabbi went too.                     
There was something called
tashlich they needed to do.

On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, four friends reflect on mistakes they’ve made in the past year, they apologize for hurting each other’s feelings, and they think about how they will do better in the new year.

The title characters in this gentle story model character traits including friendship, honesty, compassion, and empathy, while exploring a lesser-known Jewish holiday tradition.


"This child-friendly introduction to tashlich will be welcome in Jewish homes and classrooms and will open up secular discussions of forgiveness."
— Kirkus Reviews