How It's Made: Hanukkah Menorah

How It's Made: Hanukkah Menorah

By Allison Ofanansky

Photographs by Eliyahu Alpern

ISBN: 978-1-68115-534-0

Hardcover, 32pp, $15.95


How is a menorah made? Why does it have nine branches? What is Hanukkah, anyway?

Discover all this and more, with over 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. Meet the people who design menorahs and learn how they do it. From intricately carved brass to fused glass and carved word, you’ll see how each menorah is different and unique, and yet each celebrates the same, ancient, Jewish tradition.

A beautiful, engaging book that can help readers deepen their understanding of  the meaning of Hanukkah.

Coming October of 2018!