How It's Made: Hanukkah Menorah

Written by Allison Ofanansky
Photography by Eliyahu Alpern
Ages 4-8, 32pp, 8 x 10
978-1-68115-534-0, $15.95

How is a menorah made?
Why does it have nine branches?
What is Hanukkah, anyway?
Meet the people who make different menorahs, and find out how an ancient Jewish tradition is celebrated. What are the different elements that make a menorah? When do we light it? What blessings do we say, and
how does it all fit in the miracle of Hanukkah?




"Alpern's photographs are bright and appealing, welcoming the reader right into the festivities. They add pizzazz and spirit to this all-around attractive volume. This informative and engaging book is highly recommended for all ages as the explanations are simple enough to be understood by preschool listeners, although the content has substance and will interest older readers as well."
— Jewish Book Council