Fall 2018

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American Golem: The New World Adventures of an Old World Mud Monster

A kid arrives in America, where everything is big, crowded, strange, and scary. He builds a golem, a mud monster from Jewish folklore, to protect him from the big kids next door. But he soon learns he doesn't need the golem for protection. What else can a golem do in America?

Graphic-novel style illustrations provide a fresh approach with kid appeal, and an Author Note introduces the Jewish value of tikun olam, repairing the world. 






How It's Made: Hanukkah Menorah

How is a menorah made? Why does it have nine branches? What is Hanukkah, anyway?

Discover all this and more, with over 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. Meet the people who design menorahs and learn how they do it. From intricately carved brass to fused glass and carved word, you’ll see how each menorah is different and unique, and yet each celebrates the same, ancient, Jewish tradition.

A beautiful, engaging book that can help readers deepen their understanding of  the meaning of Hanukkah.





Hannah's Hanukkah Hiccups

It’s Hanukkah, and Hannah Hartman can’t stop Hiccuping!

Her neighbors try to help by sharing their sometimes silly, always fun, remedies: “Drink pickle juice backwards,” says Mr. Brown, while Señora River gives Hannah a wet, red string to place on her forehead. Hannah tries ginger ale, breathing into a paper bag, and even slathering peanut butter on her latkes! But nothing works.

How will she be able to perform her solo at the Hebrew school play if her hiccups don't go away?




Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel

Kukurikuuuu! squawks the rooster. Meoowowwwwww! yowls the cat. ZZZZZzzzzzzz,

buzzes the mosquito . . .

It is the end of a hot, dry summer, and Mrs. Strauss just can’t fall asleep. “Sheket! Quiet!”  she tells the animals.

At last she falls asleep, only to be woken up again by something her little village in Israel has been waiting for all summer long . . . the sound of much-needed rain.

Told with humor and quiet warmth, this story perfectly captures the sights and sounds of a small town in Israel, and the joy that comes with the country’s first winter rains.


Regina Persisted: The Untold Story

This true story of the first woman ever ordained as a rabbi — in Germany in 1935 — will inspire children tp pursue their creams and to persist in the face of challenges. Written by Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the first Reconstructionist woman rabbi in the United States, the book also features an afterword with historical context about the Nazi Germany setting and about the female ordinations in the various Jewish movements.